L'Bri Review: Switching Over after 18 years

My sister, Leila, is getting married.  Married.  So exciting.  

So we've been having parties.  One of these parties was a "Pamper the Bride" party for L'Bri products.  My cousin's wife, Terri, is a consultant for them.  I've heard of the company before and apparently, two of my other sisters already use the products.  

I have used Clinique beauty supplies pretty much since college.  It was the "in" thing to do at the time and the prices have remained pretty reasonable (reasonable being what one is prepared to pay for a certain item).  I also love Bonus Time, and have always gotten my mascara and lipsticks for free because of this.  

So...I go to this party, with no intentions of switching.  

I don't read labels like I should, I guess, but I have become more aware as I have gotten older of what goes in and on my body.  I don't always make decisions based on this awareness, but often simply on what was easy.  

Here's what L'Bri says about their products:

No drying alcohols, no pore-clogging waxes or heavy oils, and no artificial colors
[Aloe is] the first ingredient in all of our skin care, hair and body products – not water like most skin care products on the market.
My new natural product supply

My new natural product supply

Well, I dived in.  I decided to go all in with the face wash system and with the makeup.  Besides, because the bride in this case got all the "party perks," and my sister is the bride, I was ultimately giving her a gift by getting myself these healthier products.  I am so self-less.

 I don't keep a lot of makeup anyway, but I was running low on my current double-pressed face powder from Clinique and my one shade of eye-shadow.  And I wasn't even sure how old my mascara was.  So, I chucked it all in the trash and traded in for this great travel set.

The best part about the makeup kit is that it's refillable.  So, when I run out of the powder base, I just pop it out and get a refill.  Or, if I need something lighter in the winter, no worries, swap and save this one for next summer.  The prices were very reasonable.  A refill on the face powder in only $15.  I believe the eye shadow refills are $6 each.  I've been impressed with how long lasting the face powder is.  After I apply it, I really do feel like the coverage continues all day.

I got their mascara also, and feel like my lashes look longer.  

I've even started washing my face at night again.  At the party, we were reminded that wearing our makeup to bed is terrible for our skin.  Heaven knows I don't need any help in the wrinkles department.  So, to finish up, here's a pic of me right after washing my face for bed.  

Just for clarification, I get no compensation for this review.  I bought the products myself.  But...if you'd like to try it out, go here and support my wonderful consultant, Terri Smith.