Stitch Fix Box #4: September 2015

You may have found this post and are wondering, "What happened to #3?"  Or maybe you aren't.  That would be fine.  What happened was that when box #3 came in, it was after I was sleeping off a night shift.  And so I wasn't in any shape to have someone be taking pictures of me.  And my sister was in town and we were frankly, busy.  And then the next week rolled around and I was back at work again and, well, you get the picture.  Or you don't.  Because I didn't take any.  Besides, it ended up being a 2/5 box for me.  There was a was hideous.  But, never fear, you will still get to see the pieces I kept, because I'm wearing them in this review.  

I really ought to call this Box #3 and #4 review, but because I didn't take pictures of the pieces I didn't keep...

I wish I had though.  Because I think that a true review gives all the story...not just the good parts.  That being said, I'm being a little disingenuous with this review as well because I had to change sizes on the two dresses that I got.  The pictures that you see of those dresses are after I swapped.  There again, I wish that I had taken pictures of both sizes of the dresses.  Because that would give more of an accurate view of the service.  

OK.  Mea culpa completed.  

If you are lost right now, wondering what in the world I am talking about, just wait until the end of the post.  There's a, sorry...there's a complete explanation at the end of the post.

The rest of the post is for Dawn (who styled me for Fix #2 and #3) and for Jessica (who styled me this time).

Jessica, Thank you so much for the colorful box.  The pieces really fit the requests that I made for my sister's upcoming wedding weekend.  When I peeked (yes, I peeked) at my box online, I was excited.  I was able to find pictures of some of the items, but not all.  So I had some surprises and some expected pleasures.  

1. 41HAWTHORN Colibri Solid Tab Sleeve Blouse


When I first put this on, I wasn't excited.  Untucked, the shirt falls kind of weird on my hips, hugging my muffin top in a not-so-flattering way.  HOWEVER, when I tucked it in the polka dot skirt I got in July as you suggested, added the necklace, and a leather jacket I already owned...well, I think we can both agree I look pretty schnazzy (is that a word?)
Here it is again with the Lila Skinny jeans that Dawn sent me last month and a jacket I've had in my closet for over a year but never worn, because I didn't have anything to wear it with.  Add the silver bauble necklace and some silver flats, and I am finding more reasons to love the shirt.

2. BANCROFT Leighton Metal Bauble Necklace


Jessica, I know I'm looking all serious in this pic...but I'm loving this necklace.  

3. EVERLY Isaia Dress

Verdict--KEPT (after size down exchange)

Yes, of course, Jessica.  This is, in fact, how I've always vacuumed.  Seriously though, when I first got this in a medium, the arm holes were a little big, showing a lot of bra...not a good thing.  I was going to just return it, but then I remembered that sometimes Stitch Fix can exchange for a different size.  But, once they send you the new size the sale is final.  I crossed my fingers and it worked.  Super comfy for the rehearsal dinner at my sister's upcoming wedding.

4. 41HAWTHORN Sugar Dot Print Dress

Verdict---KEPT (after size up exchange)

It twirls.  I don't often wear a twirly dress, but this one invites twirling.  My kids think I'm silly.  I added this belt that I already had which I THINK I bought in a secondhand store in Oban, Scotland and have never worn.  So thanks for sending me something to wear it with.

5. STACCATO Kareem Open Cardigan

Last, but not least, I asked for a comfy cardigan for sitting on the deck when we go to the beach after the wedding.  It'll be October, so I'm looking forward to drinking coffee, listening to the surf, and writing another Stitch Fix review, wrapped in this great light weight cardigan.  (Notice the Lila jeans)  Thanks again for a great Fix.  


There you have it, Jessica.  Thank you so much for reading my note and really sending me pieces that will work.  I love it all.

Stitch Fix is a personal styling service.  Head over to the website and create a style profile.  There is a questionnaire asking about elements of style that you like or don't like.  You can link to a Pinterest board of styles you are interested in (which I highly recommend).  You can even leave personal notes for your stylist.  For instance, I included some of my favorite colors and my measurements.  Once you get all that info in, you go onto a list and your "FIX" is scheduled.  There is a $20 styling fee which will be applied to anything you purchase.  You will receive 5 items in each box and you can keep all or none.  If you keep all five items, you get a 25% discount on everything.  Shipping is free both ways.  Boxes are scheduled to your desire, as often as you like.  From other reviews that I have read and the couple of interactions I have had with them, the customer service is pretty great.  If you have a problem with your stylist, need a different size or notice damage to clothing, they are good about rectifying those issues.

If you, the reader, decide to try out the service, this link does allow me to get a $25 credit. Which is nice for me, I admit.  Just in case you were wondering, the prices in this fix ranged from $34-$74.

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